Business Transformation

Today’s technology products, markets, and trends have a distinct commonality, transformation. The successful adoption of these technologies is centered in the ability to operationalize, driving utilization and consumption. Consumption is the primary factor in ROI realization of cost, operational efficiency and optimization of Time to Value (TTV) and Time to Market (TTM). Executives acknowledge these efficiencies within their organizations and infrastructures, with limited solution partners to assist in cradle-to-grave understanding, knowledge and abilities to truly transform their businesses.

SkyVit Solutions has focused on these transformational aspects, providing enablement, innovation, knowledge and insights required. Founded on the premise of pioneering technologies, solutions and services, SkyVit has a combined experience of over 50 years providing enterprise-class technology, infrastructure, operations solutions and products globally. SkyVit provides world-class bestshore delivery strategies in infrastructure and management services, business intelligence/analytics, and infrastructure transformational services (Cloud, Virtualization, Storage, and Compute as a Service) for organizations across the globe.

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