Cloud technologies require a new business consulting approach.

More and more organizations are adopting cloud services as a solution to their individual needs. The cloud enables people to share data back and forth from other devices on demand.  However, one of the biggest challenges companies are facing is how to build a cloud ready architecture.

How SkyVit can help you with your Cloud Computing Needs-

Cloud technology enables a faster pace of innovation.  Unlike traditional vendors, unique approach and individual attention that SkyVit provides and ensures that your project is both on time and on budget with the highest quality.

SkyVit has experience in multiple industries and the ability to provide custom cloud based solutions.


  • Smooth transition process
  • Guidance to determine the best solution for your needs
  • Expert certified support and service
  • Training and implementation
  • Easy and streamline integration of multiple programs, platforms, and portals

The cloud services team exists to help you assess, transition to, and support cloud solutions for your organization. With each team member certified to assist you and over 10 years of experience, SkyVit can provide you the solution realization of your company’s vision.

Services in this area include:

  • Strategy and Assessment
  • Cloud-based Development
  • Salesforce Integration and Customization
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Package Implementation
  • Cloud Customization
  • Content Management
  • Support and Transition Services
  • Training